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This deviation was deleted

this is my favorite of your work. love the power of the piece. i wish i knew art better than i do so i could make this better.
the subtle and light use of color makes the imagery pop. love the substance that is shown, that which is obvious, that which is not, and that which is hinted at.
the way you add the detail to the figures' faces, the fractured looking lines the eyes, and mouth. everything is phenomenal. this truly is a remarkable piece of work.
it touches base because it makes me think of the voices so often heard, demeaning and doubting voices, the ones that talk you down, the nightmares that keep you awake.
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touchdry Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you for your critique. You sound to me like you DO know art. The way you are describing what you see is very similar to the way real wine connoisseurs appreciate wine ... that is simply by "telling it like it is" ... in their own words (mutterings included!). Amazingly, this means that EVERYBODY is a connoisseur of one sort or another. You obviously have a passion for art ... no one is ever going to take that from you ... the joy for you specifically, is that the more you see the more you will grow in knowledge and wisdom ... hey ... onwards and upwards!
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